You may have one or more trusted advisors with distinct investment philosophies guiding you on the path to achieve your greatest potential. But do you clearly understand your portfolio’s performance and is it being analyzed with the appropriate benchmarks? In today’s information-filled world, finding such clarity is harder and more conflicting than ever. ARMADA by WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS may be exactly what you need to develop a clear understanding and appreciation of your overall picture. 


WEALTHSTONE created ARMADA at the request of a tax client in 2009. The client asked the team at WEALTHSTONE to build a solution allowing him to diversify risk by utilizing a team of advisors with different but complementary worldviews, with respect to managing investment portfolios while, at the same time, holding each advisor accountable.

At one point he simply said, “I have been a CEO for many companies in the past and understood that role. What I now want is for WEALTHSTONE to provide me the tools to be a productive CEO of my investment portfolios.”

The solution…ARMADA

ARMADA by WEALTHSTONE is a client-centric answer for building a multiple-advisor investment solution. Simply put – ARMADA means that you have a team of advisors managing your assets with a clear plan, and transparent reporting along the way.

ARMADA’s three critical tools…

ARMADA is a three part solution that provides answers to key questions essential to all Investors:

Universal Investment Policy Statement

  • How do I create one Investment Policy that is applicable to all advisors, creates a singular investment mandate, and utilizes common language?
  • What is the one total portfolio benchmark used by all institutions to measure success, and by which I should use to evaluate advisors’ performance?
  • How do I establish a portfolio “Risk Budget” that defines maximum portfolio volatility and is easily managed to by all investment advisors?

Vetted Advisor Teams

  • How do I use a formal Request for Proposal selection process to build my advisor team, as opposed to trusting an informal self-search?
  • How do I see, and understand, an advisor candidate’s portfolio before I give them a portion of my assets?
  • How can I compare the respective fee structures of advisor candidates, and determine if there are any conflicts of interest due to such structures?

Transparent Institutional Reporting

  • How do I consolidate the respective performance of all advisors into one clear and concise report to best understand how my portfolio is performing as compared to my benchmarks?
  • How do I obtain clear one-page dashboard reports that stack rank all advisors against key portfolio metrics?
  • How can I determine the portfolio tax cost for each of my advisors, and thus ascertain my true net portfolio return?

Start a conversation and learn how ARMADA by WEALTHSTONE may be the solution you have been seeking to better understand your portfolios and advisor performance. 

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