Clarity in Investing

Some clients come to WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS with significant assets and multiple trusted advisors. It seems that in today’s information-fueled world, finding clarity and peace of mind with your investments is harder than ever.

true clarity

ARMADA offers true Clarity in Investing and accountability while leveraging each advisors distinct investment philosophies. When combined with our Indisputable Benchmarks, Vetted Advisor Teams and Transparent Reporting, it’s an altogether smarter approach to investing, one that takes you out of the fog and into the clear wide-open.

Indisputable benchmarks


You need to measure against unarguable targets. WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS takes you through a guided process to create one written set of portfolio instructions applicable to all advisors. This creates one common investment “language” for all portfolio investments and sets realistic portfolio return and risk expectations based on the “Stock-Bond” policy decision. There is a universal portfolio “risk budget” and “Institutional Benchmark” that results in advisor accountability.

vetted advisor team

VETTED ADVISOR TEAM; Objective Selection

WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS can help with a Request for Proposal process for all advisor candidates with 50 key questions. This advisor comparison enables the investor to stack rank advisor candidates. The candidates submit a sample portfolio which allows one to see what the advisor portfolio looks like before investing the assets. This includes a detailed side-by-side fee analysis.

Transparent reporting

TRANSPARENT REPORTING; Multi Advisor Accountability

The result of the up-front work is detailed report that contains a consolidated rollup of all portfolios and advisor-specific reports. The “Dashboard” reporting condenses hundreds of pages into a handful for efficient, understandable review. Advisors are stack ranked by six key portfolio metrics that tie back to the Investment Policy for accountability. For taxable portfolios, an estimated tax cost report is available. Quarterly Reports are sent to all advisors, creating healthy competition and accountability and an interactive online portal is updated daily and includes all key metrics for instance analysis.

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