For more than forty years, since the beginning of WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS, we have served clients and their extended family generations efficiently, meeting in-person or blended with in-person and phone or video attendees. Pioneered by Jim Wyland, Paul Breen and Brian Stertzer, this tried and true standard of excellence was the foundation on which WEALTHSTONE was built. It is this definitive standard of practice that enabled our team to maintain high quality, responsive client service levels during this unprecedented year. We didn’t have to adapt to the “new normal” because our established normal worked well, regardless of the physical location of our clients, their families or our team of Family Wealth Advisors. 

Our Family Wealth Advisors team has always been committed to maintaining a quarterly cadence of talking to and meeting with clients to perform an in-depth financial review. This includes a review of estate planning, insurance planning, cash flow analysis, investments and any other life changes that may bring about necessary adjustments in their overall wealth management plan. Although we are a Columbus, Ohio-based firm, we have never been limited to serving those in close-proximity to our office. 

The process of creating this model was out of necessity, as families that our organization serves grew and moved around the country and world. For example, the first generation may have established their relationship with WEALTHSTONE while they owned a business in Ohio. Over time the family grew, the business was sold, and the second generation spanned a few additional locations. From there the next generation moved even more. Throughout these moves and extended generational needs, our advisors have consistently focused on efficiencies, accommodating personal and family needs by meeting in person, on the phone and via video conference.

As a Family Wealth Office, having flexibility and processes in place to accommodate clients and their extended families anywhere they are, has been a key differentiator for WEALTHSTONE. Annie Sidwell, Family Wealth Advisor adds “Our clients felt more at ease during the pandemic because communications and advisor availability didn’t change. We were the constant in a time of uncertainty – and that is invaluable.” 

Get to know our team of Family Wealth Advisors:

Norm Cook, President & CEO
Jim Wyland, Founder & Chairman
Brian Stertzer, Managing Director of Asset Management
Angela Neumann, Managing Director of Family Wealth Services
Cheryl Lutman, Senior Family Wealth Advisor
Annie Sidwell, Family Wealth Advisor
Chris Rule, Family Wealth Advisor

For more than forty years, WEALTHSTONE has helped individuals build their personal wealth and consulted with entrepreneurs in the development of their wealth management and business planning strategies. We welcome and invite you to contact any member of the WEALTHSTONE Family Wealth Advisor team for a confidential conversation about your wealth plan. 

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