The first WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS Women 4 Women event for 2020 featuring sisters, Mik Zazon and Catherine Zazon, along with WEALTHSTONE’s own Angela Neumann and Annie Sidwell brought about fifty women to the WEALTHSTONE office in Upper Arlington. The casual, intimate conversation was focused on making small changes to daily habits and the impact those changes may have on achieving health and financial wellness goals.  

As women of all ages and professional backgrounds gathered, found their seats and sipped their complimentary cucumber lime LaCroix, they were asked to put some thought into three questions (readers – feel free to consider and write these down yourself!):

1) What is a health and wellness goal you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2020?
2) What is a financial goal you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2020?
3) What is your biggest obstacle in achieving these goals?

The panel revealed many ways they have personally overcome fear with small changes to their daily habits and how building a support group of friends, family and like-minded career professionals positively impacted their life – focusing attention on the five people closest to them. Angela Neumann refers to her core support group as her “board of directors”, “people who are with me [work peers], people that are ahead of me [next level above her in her career path], and people who know me.”

The forum provided a wealth of themed tips to transform your health and financial wellbeing simultaneously: 

1. Self-Awareness (financial and personal journaling, being aware of your personal health, eating and financial choices that impact your goals and overall wellbeing)
2. Gratitude (any Google search on gratitude will give you infinite reasons why it affects every aspect of your life)
3. Mindfulness/reflection (yoga, creating a positive/forward-moving environment –  cleaning out your closet, and being mindful of your social media habits etc.)
4. Support (being bold to change who your group consists of in order to feed your mind and better your life)

To round out the conversation, Annie recommended three books that she has recently read as she continues her journey and process for achieving her best self:

Our next Women 4 Women event will be hosted in the spring. Sign up to receive email updates about our events and information about this dynamic, supportive movement. 

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