Designed for women, by women, Women 4 Women has four objectives: to educate, empower, promote and welcome women to a comfortable space to explore various topics with experts in their respective fields.

Annie Sidwell, who is an advocate for this initiative notes, “[It is] a community gathering where everyone is able to walk in the door and know that we are there as a support system. We can help provide a level of comfort to speak of financial topics, …”

During the inaugural year of W4W, we hosted five events, with an average of 40 women per event. In total, 64 women attended at least one event throughout 2019, and we have 890 subscribers for our digital content.

2019 Events Recap

January’s event featured “Exploring Your Money Message” with Angela Neumann, and focused on the messages around wealth that are passed from generation to generation. Angela urged attendees to be aware of what that message is, to reconfigure the message for yourself, and to be intentional on what you are passing on to the next generation.

In February, Dr. Lisa Hinkleman led the W4W group in a discussion around the confidence gap between men and women, in her talk “From Confident Girls to Competent Women.” We also had the opportunity to learn about the work of her nonprofit, ROX (Ruling Our Experiences), which opened the world’s first multi-disciplinary research and training institute focused on girls.

Janie Weisman focused on “Men, Women & Children: Understanding the Psychology of Investing,” during the March experience. Utilizing her years of experience and research gathered during her work with financial firms, she shed light on what we look for when selecting an advisor. Rather than investment returns, it seems the bond and alignment you have with an advisor is much more important. She challenged us to ask ourselves questions about the qualities of our current advisors, and what we will be looking for in the future.

According to Angela Neumann, not all giving is financial. In April she shared, “Exploring Giving: A discussion on giving gifts of time, treasure, and talent”. She spoke to the importance of giving, whatever that definition is to you – maybe it is your time, maybe it is a monetary donation, or maybe as a business owner you hire candidates that others wouldn’t give a chance because of adversity they have faced. Whatever giving means to you, she urged us to align our values with how our money and time is coming in, and where it is going.

Our final Women 4 Women celebration of 2019 featured Jane Grote Abell discussing her book, The Missing Piece. Jane recounted her parents instilling hard work and deep caring for family and community from her childhood through adulthood. She grew up learning the value of loving people and providing excellent hospitality in whatever stage of life or whichever business you are in.

Looking back on 2019 and the launch of W4W, Annie pays homage to the women in the community who helped her to create a space for women to share their knowledge and experiences in order to become our best version. She says, “For 2020, let’s expand our network, reach further, speak louder!”

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