Family Wealth Advisor Chris Rule started off the new year with a new title, volunteering as the Pro Bono Director for the Financial Planning Association of Central Ohio. This new role followed his recognition as 2019 Volunteer of the Year in December. Most of his volunteer time centered on Financial Coaching at the New Directions Career Center. The mission at the career center is to “uplift and empower women to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.” He has helped women in various stages of life transitions: moving from homelessness to earning a job, unemployment to first job, students dealing with large amounts of debt to define a plan and retirees moving to new careers.

Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others. “The whole reason I went into financial planning was to help people. I am grateful to work at a place that allows me to take time off to volunteer, and that I get to spend time helping people, regardless of their income or stage of life. I have had a lot of help in my life, from parents to mentors to bosses, and I am thankful I get a chance to pay it forward.”

Join the WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS team in celebrating Chris’ new role and commitment to helping others to achieve financial independence and success.

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