December is National Write a Business Plan Month. Whether you are contemplating a start-up, or have an existing business, the importance of a business plan cannot be overstated. 

Your business plan is the foundation of your enterprise – it’s roadmap. It’s the formalization and documentation of the critical components of your business – those components that emanated from your mind and your heart, and now face the reality of the marketplace: your company’s mission, product or service, differentiating factors, competitors, marketing and sales plans, projections, revenue, cash flow. A business plan is not a document that you create and then relegate to the bottom drawer. It’s a living and breathing instrument that should evolve as your business grows and changes, or as circumstances warrant. 

Perhaps most importantly, your business plan is the operating document for the entity through which you fund the most heartfelt aspects of the lives of you and your family: goals, dreams, aspirations, the future. 

You likely already have a purpose and dreams for both your business and your life after business. The Business Consulting practice at WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS is uniquely positioned to help you refine this vision. 

Working with you, we will design a plan that seeks to achieve your best personal outcome. Whether it is planning, financial modeling, mergers and acquisitions, or succession, WEALTHSTONE anticipates financial, technical, and personal issues you may encounter as your business grows and transitions. Together, we will look at various scenarios, allowing you to see how decisions might actually work to fruition. 

Businesses are not built in isolation. We realize that you likely have a host of existing relationships, decisions, documents, and vantage points. If there are people you already know and trust, we look forward to working with them, side-by-side, and collaborating on your behalf. 

And, so this month or beyond, we invite you to write or revisit your business plan. More than that, we invite you to consult with the WEALTHSTONE business consulting team to support and direct this process. 

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