Join WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS’ President & CEO Norm Cook at the Smart Business Dealmakers Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The Dealmakers Conference connects thousands of local dealmakers – from middle-market CEOs to top investors and lenders to leading M&A advisors.

As a guest speaker, Norm will be sharing knowledge and strategy about M&A negotiation and representation. The WEALTHSTONE team has more than 40 years of experience in consulting and assisting entrepreneurs before, during and after an M&A transaction. They, through years of involvement, possess deep understanding of the pitfalls associated with mergers and acquisitions and recognize the warning signs of those pitfalls.

Norm and his team advise business owners to be proactive and to chase opportunities well before the transaction begins. It takes time and patience in conjunction with your advisor to secure the right deal and the right buyer for you.  In his words, “unless you have a trusted advisor sitting on your side of the table who is fighting for your best interest, you may not end up with the best overall outcome for you.” Selling a business is an emotional event, having an objective, trusted representative can help provide peace of mind as you negotiate and finalize the transaction. The team at WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS is ready, eager and experienced to fill that role. 

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Norm started his career with IBM Corporation, and then moved on to serve as a portfolio manager for Crestwood Asset Management.  Norm later led Banc One / JP Morgan’s Institutional Investment Group, where he oversaw a team responsible for advising over $250 billion in assets. He also served as Director at One Group Global Funds and Director of JPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Limited; and was on Banc One’s Investment Advisors’ Board of Directors; its Investment Policy Committee and Investment Management Group Risk & Policy Committee; on Banc One Trust Company’s Board of Directors; and on One Group Asset Management’s (Ireland Ltd) Board. Norm also served as a director of Advantage Bank and CAMCO Financial Corp, and was a member of YFC’s Board of Directors and the Cushman Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Norm’s distinguished career has instilled in him a continuous drive to improve and enhance investor experience.

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