In the wake of COVID-19, investors are seeking new direction, understanding that they have time and now more than ever, they need a plan. In fact, one-quarter of investors  are looking to financial advisors for help for the first time, according to a survey released by the Nationwide Retirement Institute at the end of April.

A recent article in Financial Advisors points to the Nationwide survey, noting that “According to 49% of respondents and 52% of investors, the Covid-19 pandemic made them realize that they need help managing their finances and investments to succeed in the future.”

While concerned about both contracting COVID-19, and the financial ramifications of the global pandemic, 31% of investors say they do not expect the pandemic to affect their ability to meet financial obligations, but admit to feeling the pressure. 

In a recent Investment News article,  Evelyn Zohlen, national chair of the Financial Planning Association points out that “Folks who initially thought that they might like to manage their own finances and their own investing are reconsidering the advantage of having a professional walk alongside them.”

At WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS, we remove the emotion from decision making and instead rely on 6 Key Foundation Stones to guide our clients through rough terrain. As we have worked with new and existing clients over the last couple of months we have sought to “control what we can control,” by rebalancing portfolios and utilizing tax loss harvesting when applicable.  “Providing clients with a cohesive team with broad, diversified and extensive investment experience is our differentiator” says WEALTHSTONE’s CEO Norm Cook.

If this speaks to you, let’s talk. The WEALTHSTONE Investment Team has over 200 years of combined experience directing and managing sophisticated individual and institutional investment portfolios for pension, endowment, insurance, and foundations.  This experience allows our individual and family office clients a unique perspective and collaboration in building custom portfolios to meet their specific goals. 

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