Your path. Our expertise. Walk with us. Nice words, but what do they mean?

For the people at WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS, they mean everything. These few words reflect how we view the privilege of working with you – of helping you achieve your greatest potential.

We recently undertook a branding exercise: a modification to our name, a new tagline, a new website, new business cards, a more aggressive social media presence – all the things you would expect. But it wasn’t simply a marketing exercise. It was an exercise in self-examination. Of defining who we are and what we truly believe – our core principles and how we conduct our business and ourselves. How we would communicate with you. Here’s what we found.

We believe it’s reasonable to assume that the three most personal aspects of a person’s life are, in no particular order:

1) The relationship he or she may have with a spouse, significant other, and/or family,

2) The relationship he or she may have with a religion or higher power, and

3) The relationship he or she has with his or her money.

It’s the relationship we have with our money that allows us to achieve many of our most heartfelt aspirations. It is often the means through which we attain many of life’s most important ends. Why then, would an industry that provides the majority of tools through which we manage this most personal aspect of our lives, have us do so in a largely impersonal manner?

It shouldn’t. We found that the answer lies in the combination of expertise and character. Expertise to be sure: At WEALTHSTONE you don’t work with a single advisor. You engage with an integrated team of experts in personal financial planning, investments, insurance, tax, and business consulting. Because of this, we’re able to address all aspects of wealth management; to develop solutions to complex problems. 

But it’s more than our expertise. It’s our character. We’re honest. We’re approachable. We’re transparent. We’re empathetic. We listen. It’s though this combination of expertise and character that we build trust and relationships.

So where does all of this lead us? To YOU. At the end of the day, it’s all about YOU. We have built a business model and firm that is distinctive in our industry to serve YOU. WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS will walk alongside YOU throughout your life to help you achieve your greatest potential. And it is our privilege.