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You Matter

Helping you achieve your greatest potential. Yes, that’s what we do. But it’s also who we are. With an integrated team of experts in wealth planning, investment, insurance, tax, and business consulting, we’re positioned and structured to address all aspects of wealth management; to develop solutions for complex problems. But we are more than that. More than our expertise. It’s our character. We’re honest. We’re approachable. We’re transparent. We’re empathetic. We listen. It’s through this combination of expertise and character that we build trust and relationships – that we invite you to walk with us… And it is our privilege.

Our Promise To You

WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS will walk alongside you throughout your life to help you achieve your greatest potential.

The Approach For You


Wealth doesn’t happen by accident, but very much on purpose with a plan.


Growth is a product of strategy, time, and a team of experts working with you.


We will develop a strategy to identify and implement options for obstacles that may lie ahead.

Expertise For you


Our team approach to planning provides you with a true, thorough, and holistic path that encompasses every aspect of your financial life.

Investment Services

 We don’t overwhelm you with industry jargon and complex derivatives that no one understands. Rather, we choose to focus on what gets results.


We can analyze, design, and customize plans utilizing basic term life insurance to very complex insurance contracts.

Tax Services

Rather than a once-a-year project, we treat tax planning as a continuous process throughout the year.


You have a vision for your business and your life after business. We help you refine this vision.


WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS created the ARMADA consulting solution to serve the growing trend of investors dividing their wealth among multiple investment advisors to benefit from diversification of investment philosophies. ARMADA provides a comprehensive answer that simplifies a multi-advisor team into a time efficient and effective program with one set of reports for all investment assets.

Women 4 Women

WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS is excited to announce an upcoming and ongoing series Women 4 Women. Designed for women, by women, the initiative has 4 objectives: to Educate, Empower, Promote and Welcome women to a comfortable space to explore various topics with experts in their respective fields.



Joining Forces

Joining Forces

Sequoia Financial Group, LLC (Sequoia) and WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS (WEALTHSTONE) today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge their businesses.  The combined firm will be based in Akron, Ohio, and operate under the Sequoia brand. Together,...

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A Message from Norm Cook

A Message from Norm Cook

Hello. My name is Norm Cook, President and CEO of WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS, and today I have some very exciting news to share with you. Over the past two and a half years, our firm has more than doubled our assets under management to $1.4 billion. And I'd like to thank...

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The Woes of “Timing the Market”

The Woes of “Timing the Market”

By Jack Zhang, CIO of WEALTHSTONE ADVISORS Research has shown that trying to time markets often leads to poor results, and even the best investors in the world can’t do it consistently. The year 2020 illustrated the enormous cost of market timing, as advisors who...

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